End of Year Reading, Writing and Maths Expectations link to the National Curriculum.

For Reading & Writing they are trackers, split into:

  •               Working Towards the Expected Standard
  •               Working at the Expected Standard
  •               Working at Greater Depth Within the Expected Standard

All of the statements are progressive within and across the year groups, and work on the expectation that the majority of pupils will be working on their own year group’s aims.

It is important to reiterate that there are no DfE-published exemplification assessment documents available for Years 1, 3, 4 and 5, and therefore these documents should only be used as a guide for referencing the attainment of pupils within these year groups.

Teachers (particularly going forward) need to revisit expectations from earlier years to consolidate knowledge and build on pupils’ understanding, or go beyond the aims set out here if they feel it is appropriate for their highest-attaining students.

Reading Writing Maths
Year 1 Reading Tracker

Year 2 Reading Tracker

Year 3 to 4 Reading Tracker

Year 5 to 6 Reading Tracker

Year 1 Writing tracker

Year 2 writing tracker

Year 3 writing tracker

Year 4 Writing trackers

Year 5 Writing Tracker

Year 6 Writing trackers

Year-1 Maths expectations






The writing statements within the trackers are set out in colour-coded boxes: pink for composition; green for grammar and punctuation and blue for transcription.

The reading statements are set out in colour-coded boxes: green for word reading and blue for comprehension.


Spelling Lists


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