We encourage all parents to take an interest in what their children are doing at school. Children who are supported at home will make better progress at school. We set homework from an early age. The full policy is detailed below:


Homework Expectations


Parent/Teacher Consultations

We welcome parents to take an interest in and share in the educational development of their children. It is as partners that parents and teachers can become more effective and your child can really benefit. We organise several consultations over the year and you are encouraged to raise any issues or questions you may have with the class teacher or leadership team via the school office.

Scheduled parent/teacher consultations are:

Autumn Term

Parents have the opportunity to meet the teachers and discuss their children’s progress at school. The children’s books are available.

Spring Term

Teachers will share each child’s profile. This summarises personal and social development and the child’s attitude to learning. Parents are invited to stay behind and write their comments on the profile. National Curriculum records and children’s books are also available.

Summer Term

The parents of each child will receive a written annual report. Parents of Year 2 and Year 6 children also receive details of their child’s performance in Statutory Assessment at the end of Key Stage 1 and 2. An opportunity is given for parents to discuss this report at school.