School meals are cooked on the premises. These are very good and provide solid, healthy meals at lunchtime. If parents wish their children to have school meals they should order and send money for the week (or longer if they so wish) to their child’s class teacher on a Monday morning, in a named envelope. Cheques should be made payable to “River Learning Trust Larkrise Primary”.

Parents may be entitled to claim free school meals for their children. Claim forms are available from the school office.

Some children bring a packed lunch to eat, and facilities are provided for this. If you wish your child to bring a packed lunch, please ensure that this lunch is balanced and adequate. We ask that children do not bring canned drinks. Children take all their rubbish and leftovers home so parents can check what has been eaten.

After lunch the children play outside, or quietly indoors if it is wet.

Food safety

Please do not include any nuts or peanut butter in your child’s packed lunch. We have a number of pupils with severe nut allergies. In some cases even contact with a surface on which nuts have been placed can trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction. In order to keep all our pupils safe, our lunchtime staff will remove and safely dispose of nuts or peanut butter if they see them in children’s packed lunches.

We also advise parents to cut grapes and cherry tomatoes included in packed lunches in half as a precautionary measure. There have been a number of rare but tragic cases of children choking on these items.


  • Lunch Menu (Under Review)