Larkrise School is positive about child protection. We are part of a wide child protection network including local doctors, health workers, Social Services Departments and the police. Concerns about child abuse and neglect are always shared with other agencies. We are committed to working with others to promote the rights and interests of all children.

School Behaviour Policy

Throughout the school we expect all children to behave responsibly:

  • All children should be able to learn, and teachers able to teach, without being disturbed by the behaviour of others.
  • All children and staff should feel safe and respected without fear of violence, threats, menaces, insults or bullying.
  • All children should follow the instructions of staff in a respectful way.

The vast majority of children understand how they are expected to behave at school and are positive members of the school community. The school is a calm, caring, industrious place. Voices are seldom raised and staff support the children in their development, learning and play.

If a child behaves in an unacceptable way we take a number of actions as detailed in the Behaviour Policy that can be found on the School Policies page.