The school is on a very open site, and the building has over 25 external doors. Because of this, security is a real issue. Children come in and go out of school through the rear doors at the beginning and end of the school day. At all other times parents and visitors should always enter the school through the front door and make themselves known at Reception.

The school does not take responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any item brought into school. This includes items of jewellery or clothing, mobile phones, watches, toys and games.

The full copy of the Health & Safety Policy is available from school for parents to see if any so wish.

Photographic & Video Images

We permit the use of cameras and video recorders at school events as long as this does not spoil the event for others and the images are for personal use only. The school and the media may use photographic images of children in publicity material and reports about school events. No personal details will accompany these images.

Educational Visits

Each class will be taken out of school on educational visits on a regular basis. These visits are used to stimulate all sorts of work back in school. If they are local visits requiring no financial outlay, we ask you to fill in a general consent form. There will always be a teacher and an adequate number of adults accompanying the class.

If the visit is further afield costs may be incurred. In these cases we ask for voluntary contributions.

A residential trip is organised for Year 6 children; a charge is made to parents for the residential aspect of the trip. Details of such visits will be sent to you telling you of the overall costs and arrangements. Every child in that class or year group will have the opportunity to go on the visit. However, if voluntary contributions do not cover the cost of any trip it may have to be cancelled.

See The Governors’ Charging and Remissions Policy (located on the School Policies & Procedures page) on charging for such activities.