There is no specified school uniform but there is a dress code which we ask all parents to follow. Children should be comfortable, neat and tidy in appearance. Shoes should be suitable for outdoor play and a coat is needed in colder weather. In hot weather, please ensure shoulders are covered and provide your child with a hat.

Younger children need to be taught how to tie laces, do up cuffs and generally look after themselves. We do have a stock of spare clothes for emergencies. We ask for these to be returned, clean. If shoes become muddy children may be asked to remove these indoors. It is always useful for children to keep a pair of indoor shoes at school.

PE Kit

The children do physical education regularly. They will need:

  • Comfortable trousers and/or shorts (summer and indoors, if preferred)
  • T shirt
  • Trainers for outdoor PE
  • Jumper or tracksuit top

For safety reasons, jewellery and watches must be removed for P.E.

Indoor PE is done in bare feet.

Please leave PE kit at school all week and take it home at the weekend for washing as it is sometimes needed if children get wet in the rain or have a spill. Spare socks and underwear can also be useful โ€“ any age child can fall in a puddle.

Year 3/4 children go swimming at the Oxford University swimming pool on Iffley Road. They will need swimming kit, including a swimming hat. Details are sent home each term.