Online Safety Information

Children start using computers from a very early age and are increasingly using the Internet more and more whether it is at home, in school, on their mobile phones or on a games console. With this in mind, Internet Safety and knowing how to help protect children and young people online is essential.

Report online abuse by clicking the button below:



CEOP  (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) works to protect children from harm online and offline, directly through CEOP led operations in partnership with local and international agencies. Their website offers further support in how and when to make use of this report function. There is also a CEOP report button in the footer of this website.



Getting to School – Bikes, Scooters, Driving and Road Safety

Driving and Road Safety

Boundary Brook Road can become very congested and dangerous for children and parents. You can help by walking, scooting or cycling to school, using the many cycle paths.

If you must drive, please follow the voluntary one-way system by turning left immediately after the traffic lights. There is a large car park with pedestrian access to the front of the school on Quartermain Close. In the interests of safety drivers, should not use the school car park nor park on the zigzag lines outside the school.

Records show that the most common reason for lateness is underestimating how long it will take to drive to school.


Food safety

Please do not include any nuts or peanut butter in your child’s packed lunch. We have a number of pupils with severe nut allergies. In some cases even contact with a surface on which nuts have been placed can trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction. In order to keep all our pupils safe, our lunchtime staff will remove and safely dispose of nuts or peanut butter if they see them in children’s packed lunches.

We also advise parents to cut grapes and cherry tomatoes included in packed lunches in half as a precautionary measure. There have been a number of rare but tragic cases of children choking on these items.