Prospective parents and pupils are positively welcomed to visit Larkrise. We are always pleased to show parents around the school and answer any questions you may have. An appointment can be made either in person at the school office or by telephoning the school on 01865 721476. Prospective parents can also find further details in this Information Leaflet.


Admission arrangements in the September after a child is 3 years old

The foundation unit has Local Authority funded 15 hour places for 3 year old children. We also have a limited number of 30 hour funded places available for eligible parents in receipt of a 30 hour funding code. Places are available on a first come first serve basis. Our morning session runs from 8:45 – 11:45 and the afternoon session from 12:00 – 3:00. Once a place is accepted parents will visit with their child so that everything is familiar to them before a starting date is agreed.

Larkrise is also registered as a Day Care provider. This enables parents to purchase extra sessions if required.

Acceptance of any such part-time or Day Care places does not guarantee a place in the main school.


Admission arrangements in the September after a child is 4 years old

The Local Authority (Oxfordshire County Council) funds full time places in the Foundation Unit in the September after a child’s 4th birthday. The principles and procedures for this ‘single point of admission to school’ are laid down by Oxfordshire County Council and are available online: Oxfordshire Admissions Page.


Admission to the school at other times

Parents of children wishing to join the school at other times should make an appointment to visit the school to meet the Headteacher and collect an Application Form from the school office. Further information can also be obtained from the same website as above.


Purchasing Childcare places

Parents of all children aged 3 to 11 can purchase Breakfast Club and/or After School Club places to provide Childcare before and after school (from 8:00am to 6:00pm) during term time. The school also runs a play scheme between these times during holiday periods. Full details are available from the school office and on the Childcare page of this website.


Admission of Pupils with a Disability

Parents of children with disabilities should apply to the school office for admission to the school in the same way as parents of able-bodied children. Larkrise has experience over many years of meeting the needs of pupils with a wide range of disabilities. The Accessibility Plan ensures all pupils and parents have access to the building and grounds (the school is on one level with ramped access at the front of the school and at a number pupil entrances), access to all aspects of the curriculum and access to information, regardless of any disability. The Governing Body regularly reviews this plan to ensure it complies with all legal requirements and that appropriate training is provided to ensure staff are able to teach and support pupils with a number of disabilities.