Larkrise School is committed to:

  • Promoting equality of opportunity
  • Promoting good relations between members of different racial, cultural and religious groups and communities
  • Eliminating unlawful discrimination

Larkrise is truly multicultural. Children from all over the world attend the school. We have families from different countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. Staff, governors and parents see this mix as being very beneficial to all children attending the school. Customs and cultures enrich the teaching and learning that takes place in the school. This diversity is valued throughout the school and a variety of activities and events are organised to reflect this diversity and to encourage children and families to respect and experience the cultural richness of others.

The school fulfils its legal duties and is guided by 3 essential principles: every pupil

  • Should have opportunities to achieve the highest possible standards
  • Should be helped to develop a sense of personal and cultural identity that is confident and open to change, and that is receptive and respectful towards other identities
  • Should develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need in order to participate in Britain’s multi-ethnic society and an interdependent world

See our Equalities Policy and Plan and also the Oxfordshire County Council Equalities Policy. Both of these documents are located on the School Policies & Procedures page.