Letters from new class teachers

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A list of classes for next year can be found by clicking here.

Click on your child’s new class to find a letter of introduction from their new class teacher, welcoming them to their new year group. 


Lower School

Reception Robin – Mrs Marriott

Reception Goldfinch – Miss McGovern

Y1 Swallows Mrs Pearson

Y1 Swift Miss Foord & Mrs Horn


Middle School

Y2 Kingfisher Mrs Ahmad & Miss Golds

Y2 Skylark Miss Ellery

Y3 Starling Miss Austin & Ms Scott

Y3 Woodpecker Ms Poulter

Y4 Blackbird Mr Finch

Y4 Lapwing Mrs Doust


Upper School

Y5 Sparrowhawk Miss Berntsson

Y5 Tawny Owl Ms Lea

Y6 Heron Miss Trendler

Y6 Red Kite Miss Atkinson