Our Values and Ethos

Here at Larkrise we believe that the most effective school is one where individuality and differences are celebrated and where everyone is valued.

We are proud of every child who enters our doors. We see potential in all of our children and throughout their time at Larkrise we encourage everyone to realise and reach that potential.

Our 5C Values are at the heart of everything we do. We want all pupils to be:


  • In their own abilities.
  • In resiliently addressing their next steps.
  • In sharing their own thoughts, ideas and opinions.
  • To take risks, challenge themselves and try new things.
  • To overcome barriers to learning.


  • To think outside the box and come up with new ideas.
  • Through experiencing a wealth of performing arts, dance, drama and music activities.
  • To use a variety of approaches to solve problems.


  • Towards others, feeling empathy for people in different situations.
  • Towards themselves, understanding their own physical and mental health well-being needs and knowing what to do to look after themselves.
  • Towards the planet and our community, understanding issues that affect us globally, nationally and locally.


  • To be involved in their learning journeys and to choose topics.
  • About how they learnt and be able to ask interesting questions about how they learnt something.
  • To ask and engage with big questions.


  • To celebrate their own and others’ successes and learning journeys.
  • To celebrate the diversity of our community and respect everyone’s spiritual, cultural and religious beliefs.
  • To celebrate failure and understand that failing is part of a learning journey to success.