At Larkrise we recognise the importance of sport and exercise in children’s lives. We want to engender a positive attitude to a wide range of sporting activities, and for children to enjoy participating in them. Through our games programme we aim to teach children good habits of daily exercise and an understanding of tactics and purpose. We recognise the existence of competition and aim to channel it into positive attitudes. We try to teach the children how to win and lose appropriately. We want children to become enthusiastic sports people throughout their lives.

Each class follows a programme of physical activity involving small team games and personal performance. Football and cricket are organised at lunchtimes and after school. Teams are entered into football, cricket, tag rugby, athletics competitions and they play competitively against other schools. We hold an afternoon of athletics competitions every summer term. We want all children to have equal access to sporting opportunities regardless of gender, race or disability, and for children from these groups to form small teams alongside each other.