Term 5 Week 4: Year 2 Maths

Watch the videos then use these links to open the worksheets.

Monday: Lesson 1 Add and subtract 10s

Tuesday: Lesson 2 Add 2-digit numbers (2)

Wednesday: Lesson 3 Subtract 2-digit numbers (2)

Thursday: Lesson 4 Bonds to 100 (tens and ones)

Friday’s lesson is a problem solving focus, still accessible at https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/

You can write the answers in your home learning book or print the sheets if you are able.



Here are the answers, for your reference:

Lesson 1 Answers Add and subtract 10s 2019

Lesson 2 Answers Add 2-digit numbers (2)

Lesson 3 Answers Subtract 2-digit numbers (2)

Lesson 4 Answers Bonds to 100 (tens and ones)