Y2 Maths (8th-12th June)

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Y2 Maths (8th-12th June)


Each day, watch the video then use the worksheets to practise what you have learnt.

You can write the answers in your home learning book or print the sheets if you are able.

Answers are also provided for to check through with a grown up or older sibling.

If you are in school for some of this week, your teacher will be following this plan too, so you can do some lessons with them at school and the rest at home.


Lesson 1: Monday

Lesson 1 Find the total

Lesson 1 Answers Find the total


Lesson 2 – Tuesday

Lesson 2 Find the difference  

Lesson 2 Answers Find the difference


Lesson 3 – Wednesday

Lesson 3 Find change 

Lesson 3 Answers Find change


Lesson 4 – Thursday

Lesson 4 Two-step problems

Lesson 4 Answers Two-step problems


Lesson 5 – Friday

Lesson 5 is our weekly problem solving focus.

Remember there are lots of other resources on our home learning pack including games and problem solving activities, too.